Maggie Brown, A Truly Holistic Blog

Who Is Maggie Brown?

Maggie Brown, webmaster of “The Truly Holistic Blog” is an author, writer, poet, and psychic. As a lecturer in Holistic Studies with a nursing background, she blogs on topics such as reflexology, aromatherapy and Indian therapy with the reverence and perspective of a Reiki master.

The Truly Holistic Blog,

The Truly Holistic Blog, is a bit overwhelming in that there is so much offered it is hard to decide where to go first. Whether you want to learn more about homeopathic health to quit smoking or control your diabetes or the art of reading tea leaves you will find it on this

holistic blog.

Holistic Health BlogThe post on “What is Wicca?” was enlightening to me. What I got is that Wicca is a recognized religion that is basically the “awe” of life.

It is a peaceful and harmonious way of life that promotes oneness with the world and creator.

Holistic Approach To Life

Maggie’s blog topics are all-encompassing in the holistic approach to life.

The holistic blogFor example, I learned in the post “Mercury In Retrograde” that the planet Mercury which appears in the morning or early evening sky at times looks like it is going backwards. This optical illusion is called retrograde and the astrological phenomenon causes few issues here on earth. To avoid problems during this period it is good to:

  • Avoid signing legal documents.
  • Avoid closing big deals.
  • Avoid meetings that

    require big decisions.

  • Allow extra time while traveling.

It sounds kind of like Feng Shui to me! This type of holistic advice permeates the entire site. Anyone interested in living a healthy life without drugs would benefit from visiting “The Truly Holistic Blog“.

We give Maggie Brown’s blog a thumbs UP!!


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It’s Not Laziness – Its A Blog Review

I stumbled on a blog It’s Not Laziness… It’s Energetically Declined! When first landing on the site I have to admit I was a bit put off! First of all I do not like a dark black background. Secondly, there were no posts, just a series of one liners like:

  • I’m Not Lazy, There are too many distractions around.
  • Put up a wind chime at your Boss’s door so it alerts you when your boss is about to come.
  • I’m Not Lazy, I don’t have enough time.
  • I’m Not Lazy, Its just a rumor.
  • Fruits are healthy, but you consider fruit juice rather than peeling and eating real…
  • I’m Not Lazy I take time to perfect.

Upon further investigation I realized that each “one-liner” is actually the blog post title and also the entire post as well. The website It’s Not Laziness… It’s Energetically Declined! is actually sort of a fun place. As far as I can figure out there are only 3 blog categories. They are called “likes”, “tips” and my favorite: the “gallery”. I enjoyed the post on Lazy Superheroes and I found myself literally laughing  when looking at the one on Funny Sleep Positions.

2 thumbs up for lazinessThe Lazy Blog Review

I found myself actually agreeing with the It’s Not Laziness… posts. Since I enjoyed my time on the site and also went back again, I had no choice but to give this one a THUMBS UP for laziness!

These are the articles (if you can call them articles) that rang true for me and my way of thinking:

  • Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. (Absolutely!)
  • Never tie your shoelace. Keep them loose so you can slide in and out of your shoes .. (Actually, I never untie them for the same reason.)
  • Walk with your eyes closed as it saves your brain from processing too much info… (This is how I take my afternoon walks everyday.)
  • Try breaking Guinness records with the ‘longest sleep’,’ biggest yawn’, ‘longest… (Well, I have tried to get into the Guinness book for other things without success.)

Visit It’s Not Laziness… and check out the energetically declined words of wisdom. It looks like there is a new post every 12-24 hours or so. Of course that is not laziness, it is just smart. Search engines love a site that is frequently updated. It looks like this site with minimal content that has been live for only a couple of months has already earned a page rank with Google. HMMM…interesting.

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A Natural Blog, Whole Food Recipes

Whole Food Recipes, Blog Review:

The Seasonal Family, an unrefined blog

whole food baby foodThe Seasonal Family, an unrefined blog is a blog that supports whole food and unrefined natural foods for family life.

Blogmaster Kristin Jukes is a Mom with two children who shares wholesome food, recipes and nutritious ideas with her readers. The site can be used as a solution for children's allergies and a resource to finding whole and organic foods that taste good. The site is organized like a classic blog and is simple to navigate. It is easy to find recipes and family ideas that interest you.

Whole Food Recipes For Children, Natural Baby Food

As a Mom with small children, Kristen, who calls herself Chef Momma, has a wealth of knowledge and shares it freely. Sharing recipes and tips to create a whole food, natural way of life for your family, Chef Momma blogs about natural baby foods

and creating a natural diet for your small children. In addition to dinner and organic food ideas for the whole family topics include:

  • Easy to digest real foods for small infants
  • Homemade baby foods
  • Toddler dinners
  • Healthy whole food snacks
  • Advantages of natural sweeteners

The article on mac n' cheese for children includes options that are both whole grain and gluten-free. I am particularly fond of adding pumpkin or orange veggies to many dishes because of their nutrient-dense quality. Kristen offers natural pumpkin recipes for cheesecake, pie, soup, cookies, muffins and baby foods.

The seasonal flair to The Seasonal Family, an unrefined blog brings many recipes to create, enjoy and share that are based on natural seasonal food items. Fall recipes include harvest recipes, preserving local produce, apple dishes and more. On a year-round basis you will find appropriate recipes that have notes and variations for special needs eating.

Whole Food Natural Recipes

natural food recipeProviding whole food and natural recipes, The Seasonal Family, an unrefined blog is a great resource center for families with a wide variety of needs. In an age of more and more food allergies and special diets The Seasonal Family, an unrefined blog gives the reader vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and chemical-free recipes. All of the recipes are well-written. As a trained chef I can see that they are sound, functional recipes that will work. I made the Caramel Popcorn last night and it is awesome!!

The Best Blog Review gives the The Seasonal Family, an unrefined blog a thumbs up! We recommend you visit:

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